[Zrouter-users] devices that zrouter can run on and some info

Aleksandr Rybalko ray at dlink.ua
Fri Nov 11 11:47:59 UTC 2011

On Fri, 11 Nov 2011 03:03:32 -0200
"Nenhum_de_Nos" <matheus at eternamente.info> wrote:

>> hail all,

Hi Nenhum!

>> I just saw the zrouter info on FreeBSD quarter status, and got too
>> interested in. I can't help on developing, but I may help on testing
>> somehow sometimes. So as I saw there was support for DIR-615 E4 and
>> TL-WR941ND ver: 3.2, I just got interested in the latter.
Both a bad choice, because have only 4M of flash. It is possible to
done full support of such boxes, since I already made even IPSec
enabled firmware for Broadcom BCM5354 box w/ 4M, but so small profiles
are not done in zrouter.org (only very limited, to test some parts)

>> But my local vendor just have th WR941ND ver: 3.5. How can I know
>> they are similar ? is there a list on the site (I looked for and
>> didn't find a list like on dd-wrt page - which was my last guide to
>> buy these kind of hardware).
>> and apart from this, where can I find what is meant by support. As
>> to what works and to what extent it does.
Minimum to "support" is ability to run FreeBSD kernel, event without
any device drivers other than CPU. But most supported devices have
support of Ethernet NICs, Ethernet switches, partial or full Wireless,
flash drivers (CFI, SPI), GPIO (buttons, LEDs), etc.
Since, as you say, you can't help us with development, you may help
with documentation :)
Fill pages about devices that available in box, and specify level of

>> this is a great step for FreeBSD, congratulations for it,
Thank you!

If you have interest join us at IRC channel #zrouter in EFnet irc

>> thanks,

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