[Zrouter-users] devices that zrouter can run on and some info

Nenhum_de_Nos matheus at eternamente.info
Fri Nov 11 05:03:32 UTC 2011

hail all,

I just saw the zrouter info on FreeBSD quarter status, and got too interested in. I can't help on
developing, but I may help on testing somehow sometimes. So as I saw there was support for DIR-615
E4 and TL-WR941ND ver: 3.2, I just got interested in the latter.

But my local vendor just have th WR941ND ver: 3.5. How can I know they are similar ? is there a
list on the site (I looked for and didn't find a list like on dd-wrt page - which was my last
guide to buy these kind of hardware).

and apart from this, where can I find what is meant by support. As to what works and to what
extent it does.

this is a great step for FreeBSD, congratulations for it,



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