[Zrouter-devel] Getting involved

Aleksandr Rybalko ray at dlink.ua
Fri Nov 11 10:56:20 UTC 2011

On Wed, 9 Nov 2011 19:40:28 -0800
hiren panchasara <hiren.panchasara at gmail.com> wrote:

>> Hi All,
Hi Hiren

>> I am trying to learn/get involved in this project.
>> I have  a few really basic questions.
>> What is the motive of this project?
Personally, I love FreeBSD and want to see that grate OS everywhere.
Also I see how ugly most Linux ports that vendors done for boxes like
APs/routers and want to have better devices, so second motive is good
devices in their behavior.

>> Quickstart http://zrouter.org/projects/zrouter/wiki/QuickStart - link
>> explains how to build the source code for zrouter for development on
>> your freebsd box, is that correct?
Yes, currently we expect that peoples do build on FreeBSD host, but
maybe with some tweaking it might be possible on linux too.

>> Thanks in advance,
>> Hiren

Alexandr Rybalko <ray at dlink.ua> 
aka Alex RAY <ray at ddteam.net>

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